Time’s Up?

Time’s Up?

On October 5th of last year, the New York Times published a story that has generated a fourth wave of feminism to allow women’s voices to be heard louder than ever. That story outed film mogul Harvey Weinstein as a sexual monster, with more than a dozen women accusing him of harrassment, assault and rape – many of whom are known individuals in the showbiz industry.

The past few months have seen some of Hollywood’s strongest and most fierce set of elites (e.g. Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman and Jessica Chastain – all icons) to join forces to create the Time’s Up movement, a charity in which helps to fund legal aid for those who have suffered unjustified sexual harrassment and pay differences in the work place.

Yet, while the movement and this new wave of campaigning for women’s rights have seen triumph in terms of making donations and voicing the issues we have all needed to hear over the past decade (and more), numerous reports about female actors being paid less than their male counterpart have continued to dominate headlines, sparking obvious fury.

The latest one being Claire Foy. The British actress, who portrayed the Queen for seasons one and two of Netflix’s The Crown was paid less than Matt Smith, who starred in the series as Prince Phillip. I mean, she played Britain’s most famous Monarch for fuck sake. So, if the goddamn Queen can’t even get equal pay, what does that mean for the rest of us?

The show’s producers Suzanne Mackie and Andy Harris admitted the controversy during an INTV Conference in Jerusalem, with a further claim being reported that Smith was paid more due to his four year stint on Doctor Who – which he starred as the titular role from 2010-2014. ARGHHHH.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in April 2017 men in the UK earned a shocking – yet obviously unsurprising – 18.4% more than women. Fuck that. Time’s need to change. Not just in the fairy-tale land of Hollywood, but in ALL workplaces in which women are unfairly receiving wages that go against their talents. Clarisse Loughrey, cultural reporter for The Independent agrees, “My perception of the Hollywood pay gap has never been about the actual pay checks. It’s about the perception of value – and, of course, the only language of value Hollywood has is $$$.”

“So when we’re looking at talented women like this, women who are clearly major audience draws, getting paid significantly less than their male co-stars, it’s Hollywood sending out a clear message that they think these women are intrinsically of less value. That their labour is less worthy than that of men. That their existence is less worthy than that of men,” she said.

It’s pretty simple. No actor should receive a higher pay check for a supporting role than an actress who has earned that pivotal main part. And the same goes for ALL females in a higher position in a work place. We don’t just want the dollar bills, we deserve it.

Bloody hell, a new era is apparently here but its impact is still hazy and time (for sure) isn’t up just yet.

Words: Natasha Jagger
Lemon Magazine

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