How to: Throw a Totally Rad 2000s Party

How to: Throw a Totally Rad 2000s Party

The 2000s’ era is back. What better way to celebrate than by embracing it with a party? Here’s our guide to hosting a totally fetch do.

The Look

Cast your minds back about fifteen years. Regardless of your age, there’s a strong chance you owned a pair of cargo pants, low-rise jeans, a halter neck shirt, and some coloured-lens sunglasses.

Despite the fact that the 2000s were – clearly – the ugliest fashion era of all time, it’s having A Moment right now. So, it should be easy to update some old favs…


Shapeless. Gross colour. Trail on the floor for no reason. Button flies. Do these trousers have any positives? I guess you won’t lose your phone with all those pockets.


Ah, the classic Juicy tracksuit. Available in an array of pinks, all emblazoned with rhinestones in a garish pattern across the back. Wearing one post-2008 is social suicide… but sweatpants are all that fit me right now!


Not the most flattering of shapes, but boy, they were everywhere. Remember those handkerchief shirts too? Literally just a bandanna folded and put on a string. Bonus points if you pair it with low rise jeans for maximum torso visibility.

The Soundtrack

It’s 2003. What the fuck is ‘streaming’?

If you’ve got a CD player kicking around (surely your dad has one in the garage), find an ancient relic – like the original Pop Party, or NOW 54. Blast that baby.

Failing that, go to our Spotify where we’ve prepared a playlist (come on, we’re millennial too).

Also: everyone says they hate karaoke, but just play ‘Valerie’ and see what happens.



We’re not saying your iPhone is banned – we’re just saying they weren’t invented back then. Quite frankly, that’s a bit too late for us.

If you wanna stay true to the era, use a classic compact digital camera, or a flip phone (but we’re pretty sure no one still owns those). Grab a disposable for a #throwback vibe. You can step into 90s’ territory and use a Polaroid for more retro snaps.

And, if you really don’t wanna put the phone down (dw, we don’t either), the Huji app is a winner.


Okay… this is mainly for the insta – but when was the last time you went to a party that had confetti canons? EXACTLY.

Pick up a few from a party shop and gather everyone for a snap (or boomerang, duh) when you let them off.

What do you mean I’ll have to clean that up in the morning?

Abigail Firth

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