Christmas Sustainability Hacks

Christmas Sustainability Hacks

It’s time to put “White Christmas” on pause, and hold fire with the red reindeer noses. This year? We’re going green! 

Eco-friendly living has dominated the internet recently, and with governments now listening in, the environment is FINALLY taking a priority. Christmas canbe a tricky time, even for the most eco- conscious amongst us. Piles of uneaten food, crumpled wrapping paper, and plastic packaging fill our bins. We’re too busy being jolly to register the waste.

So if, like us, you want this festive season to be a little greener, here are some easy peasy tips.


Artificial trees might have some benefits when it comes to protecting the environment, but in the long run, they could do better.

It turns out, to counter the emission of production, you’d have to reuse your tree for 20 years to even out the scales.

We recommend using (or renting) a real tree, from a responsibly source. You get to enjoy the lovely smell, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint, win!


What’s better than a cosy, scented candle on Christmas day? Well, unfortunately, some of our favourite brands could actually be doing more harm to the environment than good.

Paraffin-based waxes, found in candles from discount stores and supermarkets, are drawn from oil refining.

Instead, opt for candles made out of beeswax or soy, with natural oils… Ah, the smell of sustainability!


Wrapping paper is one of the WORST offenders during Christmas. Almost all wrapping paper can be recycled… so recycle it!

Set up a separate bin bag for recycling on the big day, and encourage friends and family to use it. Or, if you want to go seriously green, opt for recycled brown paper. Even better.


We’ve all been there – one bag cutting into your palms, another clinging onto your elbow, and a third hanging off your little finger, as you stagger through the high street.

It’s always going to be easier to say yes to plastic when you’re not prepared, so slip some string or cotton tote bags into your handbag beforehand.

They’re stronger, prettier, and cheaper in the long run.


Winter is a season of lights. From city-centre switch-ons to battery- operated tree lights, we’re a nation of light-lovers.

Leaving these on all day though?

Don’t do it! Leaving your lights on over the 12 days of Christmas produces enough carbon to inflate 12 large balloons. So switch ‘em off will you.


Buy an ethically-sourced, recycled or sustainable Christmas card to avoid hurting the planet.

Charity shops, art shops, and even larger retailers like M&S are great places to find recycled Christmas cards.

Send an even happier message to your loved ones!

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